How I Edit My Instagram Photos

Quite a few of you have been asking how I edit my Instagram photos so I thought I’d make a blog post on it! I actually LOVE editing my photos, I find it so fun trying out the different filters and adjusting things like the brightness and saturation. I’m definitely not a pro at editing but I give it my best try and I’ve now found a way of editing which I use on pretty much all of my photos. Enjoy!

Firstly, I edit my photos on VSCO. I vary between to presets/filters, depending on the photo I’m using.

Preset 1(I use this one for most photos, especially if they’re not very bright):

  • HB2 + 9/11
  • Exposure +2
  • Sharpen +12
  • Clarity +6
  • Grain +3
  • (Sometimes) Saturation +2

Preset 2(brighter/autumnal photos):

  • A4 +9/11
  • Exposure -1.5
  • Sharpen +12
  • Clarity +4
  • Saturation +2/3
  • Temperature -2
  • Grain +3

Sometimes, if my photo is still looking a bit dark in certain areas or I want to increase the saturation in certain areas, then I will use Snapseed. I use the wand to increase brightness/saturation at particular parts on the image.


After that, I will save the edited images and upload them into an app called Preview. I like using this app because I can play around with where I place the images so it matches my feed. I can also make sure that I don’t put 2 beauty images/outfit pics in a row etc.

Here are a few before/after pictures: