How I Designed My Own Autumnal Phone Case with CaseApp

In case you haven’t already guess, I’m always very extra with each occasion/festivity, so when CaseApp contacted me to design a phone case, my first thought was to make one autumn themed! It was perfect timing too, because I’m someone that likes to keep my phone attached to me 99.38520% of the time, so my old phone case was getting a nit dirty and battered. DSC_2076 (1)

CaseApp is a website where you can create your own personalised phone case and personalised laptop skins. You basically choose your size of device and then get customising! For my autumnal phone skin, I found some cute autumn images/ quotes of the internet and then uploaded it on to my phone design. I like that you can create a skin for the front of your phone too! However, because it is a skin, not a phone case, it’s not very good at protecting your phone if you drop it because it’s not got a plastic case, so you may just want to bear that in mind when choosing your design. DSC_2092DSC_2097

I also created a marble case for my IPad just because I love anything marble! I simply found a nice marble background of the internet and uploaded it onto the CaseApp website. The case itself is also very good, I’ve had it on my IPad for a couple of weeks now and it’s manage to survive 3 drops and it’s not scratched at all!DSC_2111


Finally, I decided to get a pink phone case that I can use all year round. I decided to make this one from scratch, rather than uploading an image of it. I chose a nice blush pink colour for the background and then chose some cute donut icons from the website.  CaseApp have a lot of clipart’s that you can just drag onto your image and you can also include text. DSC_2115 (1)

I’m overall very happy with my CaseApp products – in particular my autumn-themed one. I think these would make a great Christmas present (yes, I am already thinking about Christmas)! I also have a 20% of discount code which is ‘THATREBECCAROSE20’ if you were thinking about making a purchase.

The link to CaseApp website is here:

This post was written in collaboration with CaseApp

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