8 of my fav bloggers ATM

For todays post, I thought I’d do something a bit different to the usual and share some of my favourite bloggers at the moment. I think half of blogging is interacting and discovering new blogs that you LOVE so I thought I’d hype up my fav 8 bloggers and maybe they’ll become your fav too! So, go and get yourself a cup of tea, and get ready for some major insta/blog stalking!

  1. ItsLittleLauren – http://www.itslittlelauren.co.uk/

I discovered Lauren’s blog through instagram and I love it! It’s filled with recipes(hello kinder bueno brownies), real talk and a bit of beauty. I love how open she is about her chronic illness and I love how cute and cosy her pics are.

2. AbsolutelyOlivia – https://absolutelyolivia.com/

Olivia has such a cool sense of style and I love how ‘edgy’ her pics and outfits are. She’s also really inspirational and has a great writing style. Her blog covers fashion, beauty and photography with some great tips/Q&A posts too.

3. Leighanne Sheila – https://leighannesheilaxo.blogspot.com/

Leighanne is another blogger that I’ve discovered through instagram. All her flatlays are SO gorgeous and I love how pink they are! She’s also just started a new ‘Get To Know The Influencer’ series which I have been LOVING. Here blog is mainly beauty themed and her reviews are fab.

4. Veera Elisabeth – http://www.veeraelisabeth.com/

I love how positive and motivational Veera’s blog is. She also puts together SO many gorgeous outfits and I love how vintage her style is. All the pictures she takes are so creative and unique. Veera’s blog is all about style, beauty and positivity.

5. Only Shelley – https://www.onlyshelley.com/

I’ve only recently discovered Shelley’s blog but I already love it. All her pictures are so pretty and cute – especially her flatlays. I love her blog design too – it’s so minimalistic and easy to navigate on. Only Shelley is a beauty, fashion(she puts all her outfits together SO well) and lifestyle blog.

6.AHappilyEllaAfter – https://ahappilyellaafter.wordpress.com/

I love how different each blog post is, some are on fashion, others on pretty instagram feeds! Each blog post is written so well and I love how chatty each blog post is – I feel like you really get a sense of Arabella’s personality in each blog post.

7. Abi Richards – http://abirichards.com/

This is also a relatively new lifestyle blog that I’ve discovered and I’ve spent a few evenings with a cup of tea reading all Abi’s blog posts – they’re so well-written and interesting! All her photos are also really good quality and really make you want to ‘click’ on the blog post. She has the prettiest little interior shots too!

8. BethLucyBlogs – https://bethlucyblogger.wixsite.com/fashion

Last, but ~definitely~ not least is the lovely Beth Lucy’s blog. She blogs all about fashion, books and travel. Her book reviews are great and give a really good overall review of the book but without giving too much away! She also has some great fashion posts and I love reading about her travels too.

Rebecca Rose x

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