How to Make a Garden Den

Now the weathers getting a little sunnier, I love to do more things outside and make the most of the good weather. I love making this den becasue it’s perfect for doing some work/writing blog posts or you can even invite some friends round and have a bit of a picnic. Fill it with a load of cushions, blankets and cute decorations and you’re good to go! I thought I’d share with you how I make it and also some essentials.

Someone likes the den!

How to make:

I bought a green screen stand of Amazon(similar one here ) for around £15 which basically works as the frame for the den. I then bought a king-size duvet cover from George at Asda and cut up both the sides so it hung over the green screen stand. I pulled out the two sides and put plant pots on them to act as weights. Finally, I put some picnic blankets and throws down to create a ‘floor’ and then added some cute cushions and throws. 


  • a nice drink – I went for a strawberry infused water(blog post on it here ) but I also like elderflower cordial, lemonade:bascially anything summery!
  • A tray/mini table – I think it’s nice to have something to put your drinks/ laptop on so I borrowed my sisters stand -up tray and that was perfect!
  • Books/magazines/notebooks – Bascially anything to keep you occupied! I went for a Waitrose Food Magazine, my current book and a notebook to make to-do lists.
  • A cosy blanket – I found that I got a bit chilly after a while, it is the UK after all!
  • Laptop/phone

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