How to Host the Ultimate Movie Night

As you probably all know, I love all things cosy and ‘hygge’ so a movie night is a perfect evening for me. I love to put on some cosy pjs and snuggle up in loads of blankets with my fairy lights on. Here are some tips on how to have a lovely movie night whether that’s shared with some friends or you fancy a bit of me-time.


  • a good film – I usually go on Netflix and find a good movie but a few of my favs are Mean Girls, Harry Potter and pretty much any Disney movie!
  • snacks – I like to borrow my sisters popcorn machine and flavour it with either salt or syrup but there are SO many good recipes on the internet on good flavours for popcorn. Other good snacks are chocolate sharing pouches(malteasers are my fav), cookies/other baked goods and pizza. 
  • drinks – Depending on the time of year, I usually go fo a hot drink such as tea or hot chocolate because it makes it even more cosy! And, of course, it’s EVEN BETTER out of my unicorn mug.DSC_0549
  • cosy clothes – I like to get into my pyjamas but you might want to wear a comfy jumper or tracksuit. I find getting into cosy clothes just makes me feel so much more relaxed.
  • slippers/fluffy socks – I have wayyy to many fluffy socks/slippers so I have NO problem finding a pair. At the moment, I’ve been loving my pink slippers from Alehop(I got them from Spain) even though I have no idea what the animal is – I think it ~ might ~ be a hedgehog!!DSC_0545
  • Body butter/ other pamper products – I like to moisturise my legs/ give myself a bit of a pamper whilst watching the movie. I’ve been loving Soap and Glory products at the moment, mostly because of the amazing smell and it leaves my skin feeling really soft and moisturised.
  • Face Masks – These are really fun to do, especially if you’re doing them with some friends and I love the sheet masks. 
  • Candles – These make it even more relaxing and, of course, make the room smell amazing. Even if you don’t want to light them, they’re still the perfect addition to any movie night.
  • Copious amounts of blankets/cushions – These just make it super comfy and are a must-have for ANY movie night. The more, the better!!

Rebecca x

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