The Ultimate Winter Outfit

I find that January and February are the hardest months to dress for. It’s cold and rainy outside and you can’t just stick on a Christmas jumper anymore. I always feel a bit restricted to jeans/leggings and a warm jumper  so when I spied this beaut outfit in Primark I couldn’t resist. I love the skirt because it’s a bit different to the usual jeans and jumper combo and I’m OBSESSED with the wintery colours on it. The jumper is also super cosy and warm, on a good day you don’t even need to wear a coat. It’s as if your walking around in a sleeping bag, expect that it actually looks half-decent!It was also a really good price, that’s Primark for you! Here are a few snaps of the outfit:


Jumper and Skirt – Primark

Coat – M&S

Shoes – Converse