Blackberry Picking

Near where I live there are loads of blackberrys so we thought we’d go and pick a few one Sunday. It was a lovely sunny day and we took a picnic as well to make more of a day out of it. It was a perfect day: the sun was out whilst we casually meandered our way, chatting and picking blackberrys. There were way more than I was expecting, a lot of them hidden behind branches. We even stopped of halfway at a park and had a much-needed ice cream. However, I would recommend not wearing a white dress like I was, I got purple stains all over it! 

When we got in I covered the blackberrys in some salt and water to clean them. I then froze them individually before putting them all together in a freezer bag. This way, they don’t all clump together in a fruity mess and are a lot easier to defrost! I thought they would be perfect to make an apple and blackberry crumble with in Autumn or for a smoothie. 

If you have any blackberrys or other fruit growing near you I would definitely recommend taking a punnet and picking a few. It’s a lovely activity that I wouldn’t normally think to do and you get loads of free fruit that’s in season!